Advanced Transcription & Documentation Software Technology

With the InterPro technology platform and transcription software, our clients are able to outsource their transcription operations while maintaining complete control of the document workflow.

InterPro’s advanced technology platform and transcription software features the InQuiry™ system, which allows clients to adapt the processes to their unique needs; monitor the document creation and distribution process in real time; and produce dynamic reports to monitor turnaround time, billing and other key metrics.

InterPro's Mobile Transcription App


Clinicians may dictate via phone, digital recorder, PC or smart phone. Dictation protocol is customized so clinicians don’t have to change their current processes.

Workflow Management

With InQuiry™, you monitor the entire transcription and document workflow, in real time. With Interpro’s transcription software, you can identify all dictation jobs, documents in review, reports pending e-signature and distribution status.

InterPro InQuiry System
InterPro InQuiry SystemInterPro InQuiry System

Transcription Software Authentication

InterPro offers a user-friendly electronic signature application to allow clinicians the ability to securely review and authenticate their transcribed documents on-line and real-time. Clinicians access their inbox through a secure, web-based portal, allowing them to review, sign and distribute completed documents.

Document Distribution

InterPro provides tools enabling our clients the ability to customize the document distribution process. InterPro has established successful document delivery system interfaces with every major health information and electronic record system on the market. By using auto-fax and fax on demand, clients distribute documents quickly and save the costs associated with regular mail with InterPro’s advanced transcription software.

Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Using advanced NLP technology, InterPro’s transcription software captures standard dictation and converts it into structured and encoded transcription. The draft document is reviewed by a medical editor to ensure accuracy and quality. The combination of speech recognition and NLP provides the ability to create a structured and encoded
document, with data that can be used to populate discrete EHR fields.

Our medical transcription technology puts you in control.

  • Assess productivity and document status
  • Change the priority of a current job
  • Monitor turnaround time results
  • Manage report authentication and distribution
  • Produce an array of on-demand management reports
  • Search and access historical transcribed documents
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