Quality Medical Transcription Solutions

InterPro President & CEO, Roberta Podzius, stated “we have earned the trust of our healthcare partners by providing stellar health record documentation, and now is the time for us to expand our service to encompass the full spectrum of health information management solutions. By broadening the scope of InterPro’s business model, we have a great opportunity to be of enhanced service to our current and future clients and increase our relevance in this rapidly changing healthcare environment.”

InterPro has already embraced voice recognition and integration with the electronic health record, and our medical transcriptionists have increased their skill set to become healthcare documentation specialists for transcription and voice recognition text editing. They are well versed in the requirements of HIPAA and HITECH, and the workflow and processes to accurately create clinical documentation. Our strategic technology alliances have allowed us to offer our clients mobile applications for dictation capture, on-line completion and authentication of transcripts, data and documentation interfacing, and data extraction for populating the EMR / EHR.

As the demands for quality and timely data integrity increase, InterPro Health is well positioned to meet that demand by offering a continuum of service. The production of accurate and comprehensive patient care records ensures the details and specificity required to accurately bill.

InterPro will continue to promote our knowledge, experience and value we bring to the healthcare community every day. Our clients understand and appreciate the vital role all health information professionals play in preserving the integrity of healthcare documentation. And we are honored to be of service to ambulatory and hospital clinicians and administrators and to the patients and communities they serve.

Please join us as we make this natural progression to InterPro Health…YOUR trusted HIM partner.